Thursday, July 29, 2010

Packaging Rats

Oh man...we make a lot of waste.

Last Wednesday was my first post, and as it turns out, Wednesday is garbage day here. All week long, I'dbeen extra conscientious about what we throw away, making sure everything that can be recycled ended up in the recycling. It is our six-year-old's job to take out the recycling and trash to the cans, so I hadn't seen it all piled together. Yesterday we rolled the garbage cans out to the street, and I was appalled at how much waste was out there. There was so much recyclable waste it overfilled the container and was on top of an extra can we have out there. In addition, the trash container was mostly full as well. We may have made a small dent in that with our cautious recycling, but the overall amount of waste...horrible.

The recycling container

The six-year-old has been piling extra recycling & trash into this can (and around it). It will have to be sorted...

and even more recycling...

...and the trash. This is usually full like the recycling. 

Posting all this is more than a little embarrassing, but I'm attempting to show a realistic picture of where we're starting from. 

So now the challenge is to reduce the overall amount of packaging we have. This is a huge undertaking, and I'm not sure where to start. I think maybe by making a list of the most packaging-intensive things we use, and then trying to find alternatives to that? 

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