Thursday, December 9, 2010

RRR Room by Room- Main Bathroom

The laundry system is working out beautifully. I like that I have two specific days in which clean laundry is put away and dirty laundry appears in the laundry room. It gives me a deadline to work towards, and I can see my progress. Instead of trudging from bedroom to bedroom collecting the laundry every day or two and never seeing the end, I just have to get through what was brought in. I can look and say, "I've washed all the laundry that was brought in since Wednesday. Sweet!" It's a nice way to see progress, which I find motivating.

So, with one success under my belt, I move on down the hall to the main bathroom. I would love to post a picture of how nice and clean I got the room, but alas the camera is missing. We had it Monday, now it's gone. I suspect the girls, since it isn't anywhere obvious. They like to put things in the pantry, behind the couch, bury stuff in the dog food...

Here's an older picture Girl 1 took of me in the bathroom a while back:

Anyway. Ways to make the bathroom more efficient.

  • I would like a dual flush toilet, the man likes low-flow. I think in this bathroom we will probably get dual flush, since this is the bathroom that is used the most.
  • In the meantime, I am going to put a bottle of water in the tank to reduce water use for each flush.
  • We use vinegar and baking soda to clean all the surfaces
  • When the Windex runs out, I'll start using vinegar to clean the mirror
  • We've already switched to cloth towels and rags to clean everything, we haven't had paper towels in the house in months. I have a separate set for bathrooms, just because I don't like to use the same cloths to clean the toilet as I do the kitchen counters (imagine that). We have colored wash cloths for the kitchen, and since I'm using Econobum cloth diapers, I use my failed Gerber cloth diaper experiment  to clean the bathrooms. 
  • We need to put a faucet aerator on the sink. This is especially important since Girl 1 sneaks in there all the time to play in the water.
  • No one uses this shower, so a low-flow head isn't at the top of the list, but it would be nice at some point for the random house guest.
  • There is no shower curtain (again, we don't shower in here) but it would look better if we had one, and then guests could shower here. We'll need to stay away from PVC or nylon/vinyl curtains. I'd like a hemp shower curtain, or an organic cotton one. These are crazy expensive though. 
  • We have a frosted energy efficient window in this bathroom, so that's good.
  • We need to switch to biodegradable soaps. Many soaps have petroleum in them. Biodegradable/organic soaps don't. 
  • We need CFL vanity bulbs for over the mirror
  • We need to give up my beloved Charmin and switch to toilet paper made from recycled content
This is a tiny room, and look how many things there are to do. It's a little overwhelming. 

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