Monday, November 21, 2011

Preempting Christmas Wastefulness

I'm prepping for the holidays and trying to avoid wastefulness. The Black Friday ads are pouring in...I am doing everything I can to resist the manic over-buying frenzy. That's bad for my wallet, the environment, and my sanity.

Usually we have the kids make Christmas lists on Thanksgiving or the day after. They think about stuff they've seen on t.v., or they flip through the Toys 'R' Us Big Book, and they impulsively make long lists of random toys. We try to choose the ones they really want, and then they end up with a bunch of things they play with once and never use again. Talk about wasteful.

This year I'm giving them a sheet to fill out with the following prompts:

  • 2 Books I’d Like to Read:
  • Something I’d Like to Learn How to Do:
  • Some Clothes I’d Like/Need (hats, jerseys, accessories, etc.):
  • 2-3 Toys I want to Play With:
  • 2 Video Games I’d Like to Have:
  • Anything Else:

My hope is that by focusing their thoughts, they'll choose a few items in each category that really appeal to them, and we won't end up with a bunch of things that 1. aren't good for them and 2. will end up in the donate pile within 6 months.

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea!

    It makes me sick to think about all the stuff (which isn't much, but still) we get our kids that by the next Christmas we've already gotten rid of :(