Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Here in the Stillness

If you'd rather be inspired than listen to me wallow, click here: Politics Shmolitics

I haven't been blogging lately. It isn't that I'm quitting, or that I don't have anything to say, but life is so full...there are so many things I want to do. A good friend of mine told me that while I'm not flaky, I'm flighty. It's true. I treat life like one big buffet of experience and action, trying a bit of this, sampling a bit of that, overfilling my plate to the point of sheer life-living gluttony. What usually happens is my metaphorical peaches seep into my figurative mashed potatoes and soak my allegorical chocolate cake. I end up overstuffed and ready to vomit...nearly literally.

So we threw a big Halloween/birthday bash. I've been wanting to blog about the recycled decorations, but haven't gotten there.

My husband traveled nearly all the month of October and the three-year-old was hell bent on destroying the house. She ruined a keyboard, filled drawers with water, ate toothpaste off the bathroom wall with a Q-Tip, filled the couch cup holders with water, bit her sister, drew on the floor...I swear I watch her, she's just fast.

I picked up my creative writing blog and set it back down again.

I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year, and so far I have 5,234 words over the last three days.

I researched candidates, voted, grumbled as my state remained incumbently red (I know incumbently isn't a word. Shut the front door & don't let it hitcha...) and smiled as my district stayed incumbently blue. (Which in Idaho really is more a shade of purple.) Generally...the two party system is a joke anyway...but I have not the time to go into that here.

I've been debating my way around the merits of the welfare system and inching closer to a full repudiation (oh dear lord I typed refudiation...get thee away, Sarah Palin! Back! Back!) of the capitalist system we currently live in...and wishing I knew more about economics so that I could align what's in my heart (bleeding though it may be) with what's logical and factual.

I've been working with my mom on making plastic bag alternatives, tank-top tote bags, sandwich wraps, reusable produce bags, etc. We're hoping to raise awareness and make a little money at the kids' holiday bazaar. I'm really nervous about this...I don't want to look foolish or inept.

I've been room parenting, putting on a class party, helping gather volunteers for the carnival, all that fun stuff.

I've still been working from home, doing my webmaster thing.

And on and on and on. And every time I drop a ball, like this blog, I feel overwhelmingly guilty, because it's all good stuff, and it's all important. So I've gone quiet here, and I hear the voices of responsibility taunting me about one more project started and dropped, one more thing unfinished. I will blog when I can, and hopefully there will still be those listening when I take the moments to speak up. I just have to find a way to keep my sopping mashed potato-laden metaphorical cake & eat it too.

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