Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 October is a crazy month for us. The Man travels all month long, only returning home on the weekends, and the occasional mid-week stop to reload the truck and take off again.

 It's also a busy month for us birthday-wise. Boy 2's birthday is the 19th, Girl 2's birthday is the 22nd, and the Man's birthday is the 24th.

Then of course there is Halloween...the costumes and such associated with that (and all the room parent things), the end of football season, ect. etc. etc. Most of which I do solo, because like I said, the Man is out of town all month.

So in order to calm things down and work toward a minimalist lifestyle, I decided to throw a giant party.


I'm actually looking forward to it, I love a good party, and I love party planning. But time is getting away from me. One thing I'm realizing is, throwing a party that doesn't generate unreal amounts of waste is difficult. For example, I'm pretty sure we don't own enough plates. We can use paper...but I'm going to feel awful about it. Same thing with cups. I suppose we could ask people to bring their own from home, but that seems ridiculous.

I'm looking into making the decorations myself from things I have around the house. That's less expensive, and it means I don't buy a bunch of paper or plastic junk that will just get tossed after the party. I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas out there, especially some that tips4green collected.

I think this will be our last big event before we calm down and slow ourselves for winter. The kids' football is ending, one of our volunteering gigs is ending, the Man will be back in town...it's a good time to simplify. So this will be our fall version of Mardi Gras. While we won't be hibernating, I'm really looking forward to slipping in to a calmer, more family-focused time of year.

Ice cream floor picnics are the best.

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