Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nifty, Thrifty, and Counter Cultural

I woke up this morning ready to tell you why you should shop at thrift stores and consignment shops rather than buy new. But I don't have to, because even if you don't know already, other writers have exhausted the topic all over the interwebs.

If you'd like some basics:
Want to Be Eco-Friendly? Visit a Thrift Store
Green Shopping: Don't Say 'Eww' to Thrift Stores

For some reason, there's this cultural aversion to buying at thrift stores. The advent of the consignment shop seems to be alleviating this some, but as a culture we have a long way to go. People seem to think there's something shameful or nasty about buying used.

I say ABSURD!  :D

Some points to ponder:

  • The minute I wear something, it's used. If I don't want to wear used clothing, I might as well start throwing every outfit away after the first wear.
  • Anyone can walk into a department store and put on what the headless mannequin is modeling. It takes creativity and ingenuity to create new outfits from thrift/consignment stores. Would I rather be a dummy or a designer?
  • The creative possibilities are endless at the thrift shop, you aren't hemmed in (pun!) by this year's soon to be out of style fashion. I have a plethora of eras/designers/styles/sizes to choose from. Just wait until you see the amazing 1960's polyester dress I'm getting ready to turn into throw pillows!
  • While shopping can be an utterly depressing endeavor  because of the expense and the fit of clothing (at least, if you're me it can be), thrift shopping is an exciting adventure. I'm not constrained by price or love handles. If I can imagine it, I can make it. At the thrift store, I conform the clothes to my body, rather than agonizing over how my body doesn't conform to the standard. 

Yesterday I showed you the swegwarmers I made out of a thrift store sweater. I plan on using a bit of ribbon to finish off the sleeve holes of that same sweater and turn it into a little hooded vest for Girl 1.

 I spent 2 dollars on that sweater at the thrift store. A quick Google for legwarmers shows that they cost anywhere from $5-$32 (what?!?) a pair. While Google did find a used girls hooded sweater vest for $3.99, most cost $16-$20. One thrift store purchase and I saved $6.99-$50.00. 

Adorable clothes, cheap prices, low carbon footprint, and I'm keeping textile waste out of the landfill?


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