Monday, February 21, 2011

What Else Can I Do With That? - Swegwarmers!

It has been three weeks since I've posted. I haven't felt inspired. While I'm still keepin' it green, there hasn't been much new to report. I've been thinking on the REpUrpoSE line, and "percolating" (this involves a lot of brainstorming, net-surfing, and swirling around of ideas while I lie in bed at night or mindlessly click away at Zuma Blitz).

The Man seems a little worried that I might be turning into a hoarder. I can't seem to throw away anything that could possibly maybe have the slightest itty bitty chance of becoming something else later. We have cans, jars, containers, and plastic bags coming out our ears. I have piles of clothes with little stains that I might be able to cut apart and sew later. My motto is becoming, "What else can I do with that?"

The difference between hoarding and repurposing is actually making stuff.

It's time to get a-craftin'.

Stripey goodness

So for my first attempt, something easy. I've been wanting a pair of leg warmers to wear with skinny jeans and heels. However since I rarely wear heels, I didn't want to spend the money to buy a pair that might not get worn before they go out of style and back to the 80's from whence they came. However, a thrift store sweater with striped sleeves and little button detailing on the cuffs? Hmm...

Cutting lazy-style.
I cut the sleeves off the sweater, leaving the hem on the sleeve side, so they wouldn't ravel and I wouldn't have to sew.

The nice thing about leg warmers (other than the total adorbs-ness and warmy goodness) is they bunch up, so I could roll under the cut edge. It won't fray, but it looks cleaner if you roll it under.

Sleeves sans-sweater

Rotated and saved this 5 times. It still won't stay. Wha?

All that's left to do is put them on over a pair of skinny jeans and heels. Voila!

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