Wednesday, September 15, 2010


School started and life, as always, became a chaotic mess of scheduling. I thought for sure that when the boys were in school I'd have more time to write, but I didn't account for the fact that I'd signed up to be 4th grade room parent, nor did I realize that being said room parent meant I'm the co-chair of the first major fund raiser of the year.

I also didn't account for the fact that Girl 1 would become destructo-baby. She's managed to chop her bangs off, short out a night light with a quarter, cover the bathroom floor with a quarter-inch of old Lysol we had in there, fill a toilet (in a different bathroom) with an entire roll of toilet paper and flood the room, and generally lay waste to the house. I haven't even had time to post to "Shit My Kids Ruined".

That's less than a month's worth of destruction.

She does this in no time flat. Hair? Everyone thought everyone else was watching her. She was alone less than 15 minutes. Night light? She put the quarter in it while we were all sleeping. Bathrooms? Again, she's alone less than 15 minutes and she's wreaking havoc.

She's my sweetheart. She's my archenemy. 

So I'm getting up half an hour earlier to try and get a jump on the day and make time for blogging. Just because I haven't been putting finger pads to keys doesn't mean I haven't been working. Hang on for some catch-up posting.

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