Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Speak Softly, Carry a Big Stick

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Roosevelt had other ideas in mind, I'm sure, when he espoused the "Carry a Big Stick" ideology. 

I can't find balance. There are so many things I want to do, so many pulls and calls on my time. 
I want to spend time teaching the girls.
I need to keep this house clean...the kids help, but it's an unending battle.
I want to write...while I'm sticking fairly well to my blogging, my creative writing has vanished.
I haven't read a whole book since Christmas of last year...that breaks my heart. 
I'm fourth grade room parent, and I love being back involved with the boys' school.
I've had an ear infection since July. I finally went in at the end of August to have it checked and the antibiotics they gave me made me sick to my stomach so I didn't run the course. I don't have time to get back in to the doc.
I want to talk to intelligent people about world issues, 
I want to take our green living to the extreme. 
I want to sew.
I have my part-time web work. 
I want to make a little more money to help around here,
I want to exercise and eat better...

There isn't the time. Or maybe it's focus. 

The point of this blog is sustainable living. I am not living it. Materially we're getting better...time wise, things are much worse. On one hand I have people in my volunteer life clamoring for me to be more available. I have other people telling me I'm doing my family a disservice by taking on too much. I can't find the tightrope, let alone center myself on it. There is no way to sustain all of this activity. 

I need lists, routines, a schedule. I need priorities. 

I had someone tell me once that just because something is worth doing, it doesn't mean that I have to do it. I just hate to pick and choose.  

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