Saturday, September 18, 2010

That's a Spicy Taco.

Apparently anything with needles is addicting. While I've never been an IV drug user, I've heard it's kinda catchy, once you start.
I've read that acupuncture is addicting.
And now this. Sewing.

It's all I can do not stitch-rip apart all of the cloth goods in the house and sew them into something else. I promise this is not going to turn into another craft tempting as that sounds...But, I've started making the lunch bags, which is so fun, and then I tried my hand at making a t-shirt apron. The tutorial can be found at Ruffles And Stuff

Ages ago a friend of mine brought me a t-shirt back from Vegas. It cracks me up, and I really like it, but due to "mature content" I have no place to wear it. It's not really the kind of thing one wears to the PTA. So after another friend sent me the above tutorial, I decided to turn it into an apron. It has a food theme, and there's something slightly ironic about the juxtaposition of domesticity and a gentleman's club...who'm I kidding? It's just funny.

The text: The Hot Taco Stand and Gentleman's Club. The Hottest Little Tacos West of the Pecos. Only in Sin City, Las Vegas. Two for One Special for only $1.00 more. 

Anyway, I can't wear the thing in the house even, because it embarrasses Boy 1, and I can't imagine Boy 3's reaction, should he see it. Anything even hinting at nudity sends him into hysterics. Rolling on the floor, literally. So I need to find a good use for it, but it was fun to make.

 But one thing I'm noticing is that once you start re-purposing, everything starts to look different. I see things around the house, and out in public, not only as they are, but I also see what they're made of, and how well, and how wastefully. I start to see things as what they could be, what I could make them into. It's added a dimension to my perception that I wasn't expecting. 

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