Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I've stashed the soap box under the bed for another day. I'm going to focus on reusing. I sort of adore this "R", because while reusing often means buying something you can use over & over to replace disposables (like rags instead of paper towels, or using cloth grocery bags) it also means repurposing. Which equals crafting. Which equals bliss and glee. Blgee. Gliss.

Shopping bags/purses made of tank tops. Check it:

They still look like shirts...but they're totally functional as bags. 

I posted some earlier attempts at reusable sandwich bags, and while they worked, they didn't hold up well with repeated washings. Even though I air-dried, there was some fabric shrinkage, and the mylar liners became wrinkly crinkly. The bags are still totally functional, they just aren't as pretty as they once were.

This is the new version:

A sandwich wrap


It's a place mat. 

I love these. I have a bunch of old sheets and things to repurpose into bags, and I have vinyl lining to make clean-up easier. And these are washable in the laundry, rather than top shelf of the dish washer. 

Here's another:

I successfully sewed Velcro for the first time ever...that's pretty rad. And I'm loving the idea of keeping germs off my PBJ and crumbs outta my keyboard. 

I'm thinking of demolishing old hoodies into new and amazing has started. 


  1. You just keep your hands off of my hoodies/sweatshirts/flannels, etc.

  2. Your flannels are going d.o.w.n. Because 1990 was SO 20 years ago.

    That's actually insane...20 years??? G'bye flannels!