Monday, October 4, 2010


This week a window installer came out and replaced all our ancient aluminum windows with vinyl energy star windows. This, like everything else that has gone on with the house, was a bit of an ordeal. The tests showed that we have lead paint a few layers down, so we had to go into full on hazmat lock down in every room he worked in. There were wacky tents set up around every window. I felt like E.T. with pneumonia...

Anyway. I'd post pictures, but they're windows. What I can't take a picture of is how I can't feel the air conditioner when I stand near the windows in the back. Or how warm the girls' room is now that there is no draft pouring in around the window frames. I'm so glad we had them put in before winter.

While the installer was working, all the furniture in the house was in the living room. This meant no computer, no Netflix, no internet. Life slowed down to a crawl. I didn't read a glut of articles on my Google Reader. I didn't chat, blog, or even work (that part was kind of is nice). I did read two first two all year. I did the Jumble & the crossword every day. I played blocks, trains, and Little People with the girls. I started a writing a story I've been stewing on for months. I took a nap. It was incredibly restful.

There's something cleansing about being still. I didn't "get anything done", but I realized that my life has become focused on production. It's all about lists and to-dos, and what I can accomplish. And all that's great. But I think I might institute a monthly day of a starter. Weekly seems like too much. I'd like to take one day out of every 30 and just...breathe.

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  1. Maybe you should try sometime in the middle of each month. Wonder if that would be more restful?