Friday, January 7, 2011

No Impact Week-Friday

Today's challenge is to minimize water usage.

Looking at what we have changed around here, conserving water is probably the thing we're best at. We have fallen down in a couple areas and need to get back to it, but overall we're doing well.

  • As far as yesterday's question of hand washing dishes versus filling the dishwasher, the answer can be found here: TreeHugger
  • We have fallen away from the six minute showers, so we need to get back to that. We just need to be more diligent about setting the timer. 
  • We haven't been filling the shower bucket because we can't pour it on the lawn, or it will freeze. I read today that we should use it to flush the commode. Duh. So that's an easy fix.
  • Boy 2 wowed us yesterday by demonstrating his technique for brushing his teeth. No one taught him this, he just figured it out. Not a new idea, but new to him, and our house:
    • Fill a cup with some water.
    • Wet your toothbrush in the cup of water.
    • Apply toothpaste and brush.
    • Swish to rinse with a small sip from the cup. Spit into the sink.
    • Swish toothbrush in the cup to rinse.
    • Pour water into the sink to rinse your spit.
    • (The average faucet pours 2 gallons a minute. This is WAY better.)
  • We never drink bottled water, and The Man and I use reusable water bottles throughout the day, saving on multiple cups. 
  • I'm cutting down on my pop consumption, which uses more water than just drinking water. Weird.
  • We still need low flush toilets and low flow faucets, but we will get there when budget allows.
So we have all the right ideas, we just need to be more diligent in following them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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  1. Following you from the Green Blog hop! I also did the no impact week and it is great to hear someone else's experience with it.