Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Impact Week- Wednesday

Take your food list from yesterday and calculate your carbon “foodprint.”

Yesterday I had:

  • coffee (not fair trade, but this is the last can that won't be)
  • a Cameo apple (grown in Washington which, according to, are possibly in season, although not local.)
  • a piece of Cascade Pride bread (not local)
  • a bowl of leftover "ketchup soup" (Other than the milk, none of the ingredients were local or in season)
  • lots of tap water 
  • a couple of Hershey's kisses (*sigh*, not local, obv.)
  • a beef roast (from the gift of meat, don't know where it's from, I'll find out when the 'rents return to town.) with potatoes (which simplesteps says are never in season in Idaho...wth?) carrots (organic, in season, but not local), zucchini (again, not local or in season), organic chicken broth (not.local.)
  • granola bar (bah.)
 A caveat: we tried  to get our produce local, but the year-round farmer's market that was supposed to be open Sunday, wasn't. It's open today, but that doesn't do us much good now, does it?

I planned three meatless meals this week, one of which turned carnivorous when we realized the ham in the fridge was about to expire so we slapped it on our grilled cheese. We had Winter Soup and homemade bread Monday, and we're having homemade mac and cheese with green beans tonight.

I am beyond frustrated. Due to the random potato thing, I don't trust I'm trying to feed us healthier, less processed foods, but I'm agitated because I don't know how to eat in season. I'm pissed, frankly, although at who or what, I don't know.


  1. Costco has fair trade coffee, sugar, and lots more organic stuff that I realized.

  2. I think the only way to make real change with food is to think from an annual perspective. You're right, there's no farmer market this time of year (although there is the Co-op), but there's lots in the summer. Then you need to preserve and store it. There is some research that grass fed beef is environmentally sustainable.