Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've been looking for fun ways to reuse plastic bags. We use them to haul things around, and as small trash can liners, but that doesn't use very many. I knew there were some crafts to be made from them, so I researched what was out there.
These are the sites I found: Artists Helping Children and Green Living Tips

I tried making a jump rope for the kids out of bags. Since the bigger boys are in football, I thought it would be fun for their conditioning, plus ropes are great for imagination play. But the problem I encountered is that most of the crafts require you to cut off the handles, making little plastic waste all over the place. It seems like more of a hazard than the whole bag. I know it stressed me out as the little thingers flew around the kitchen with Girl 2 underfoot.

It was also stupidly time consuming, and half-way through I bailed on it. I've decided there is just no redeeming plastic bags. They're a menace, pure & simple. Since I've switched to reusable bags, I shouldn't be acquiring any more plastic bags, but I already have a significant stash. I'm the room parent for Boy 2's fourth grade class this year, so I think I will try to use some of the bags up to make crafts at their parties (there's a cute ghost craft that would be great for Halloween). Any other bags are going to be taken back to the store to be reused there.

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