Monday, August 2, 2010

On a roll

Today has been a fun one for reducing and repurposing.

I finally got to the store yesterday,  to buy from the bulk section. I bought a gallon of vinegar and a pound of baking soda. The whole lot cost $3.18. While I was there, I perused the bulk goodies to see how I could cut down on packaging. Dog food, pasta, pancake mix...why have I not been buying everything in bulk? It's cheaper, less waste, I can get exactly the quantities I want...I'm all over this.  (I even used a Gerber baby snack canister to store the baking soda once I got it home.)

Today, it was Boy 3's turn to clean the toilets (they're on rotating chore detail) so we made toilet cleaner using the recipe I found the other day. The boys were tickled by the frothy craziness (a volcano of toilet cleanliness) that ensued. It's the first time they haven't complained about toilet cleaning.

Boy 3 and toilet cleaner fixin's

We also made an all-purpose cleaner out of 1/2c vinegar, 1/4c baking soda, and 2 liters of water. The little spray bottle I had wasn't big enough for that much cleaner, but awesomely enough, the nozzle fit the top of the pop bottle.

Pop bottle of all-purpose cleaner

The toilets turned out clean, there were no nasty chemicals, we saved on packaging and cost, AND we repurposed one of the oodles of pop bottles we have around here.

Speaking of pop bottles...

We've had several get-togethers at the house lately and we've ended up with a lot of extra 2-liter bottles. While they're recyclable, we decided to look for ways to reuse first, to cut down on our waste. The kids have been making money this summer, mowing lawns, taking out the trash, and caddying for Grandpa on the golf course, but not a one of them has a piggy bank or a wallet. They've never really had money before this summer. So today we made banks out of bottles.

Painting pop bottles on the back patio

We painted the bottles with paint samples we inherited from my sister-in-law that have been sitting in our craft room collecting dust. We cut a slot in the top to put money in, and when they want it out, there's a little trap door cut in the bottom back. They had a blast making them and it didn't cost a thing.

I didn't need a piggy bank, so I made a "submarine" for the girls. They played with it in the bath this afternoon, floating Army guys & Littlest Pet Shop animals around the tub.

Submarine on the open sea

I'm feeling like I can do this.

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