Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goals 8/12- 8/19

I have so many things I want to post about, and I'm not sure where to start. For accountability's sake, I'd better review the goals I set last week. 

GOALS FOR 8/4 - 8/11

Electricity: I'm going to build a clothesline this week to line dry our clothes Done. Still need a support for the center, but it's in use (when it isn't raining, lol).
Natural Gas: I'm going to use lower water heat settings for laundry I went about half the week before remembering this one. Started turning the temp down to "cold/cold" on everything but whites.
Water: I'm going to set a timer and time my showers to see how long I take, and then set a goal for reducing that time. Totally spaced this for myself, I'll start today...if the kids let me shower. I did encourage the boys to get their shower to under 6 minutes after football every day. They can do it in 4 and still be clean. Pretty awesome. 

I'm going to look into carpooling the kids to & from football practice.This one is a no-go. Tried, failed. Still, football is only 5-10 minutes away, so it's not a HUGE issue. Still, would have been nice. 

Food: I'm going to buy a steamer and start preparing some baby food at home. Free steamer! Made baby squash yesterday. Details in a later post...
Cleaning products: I'm going to fiddle with the all-purpose cleaner mix, it's leaving a gritty residue Nope. Still need to do this. 
Reusing: I'm going to make a good storage place to put reusable items, right now they're just in a bag hanging from a cabinet in the kitchen I used a box from Costco to store the containers in, and put it in the basement. I also made a spot in the kitchen for the smaller bags we put produce in at the grocery store. I can grab them on my way to the store & reuse. :)
Recycling: I'm going to research all the rules & regs of our local recycling center to make sure I'm not screwing that up. Easy-peasy. I made a little chart with pictures for the kitchen so that the whole family would know what can be recycled. 

There are some successes, a failure, and some oops-es. Things I spaced get rolled over to this week: 

GOALS FOR 8/12-8/19

Electricity: I'm going to search for that support post. In the meantime, I'm also going to see if I can get our computers to "sleep". Our old one used to have a sleep function. These...I don't see it.

Natural Gas: I'm going to turn off the stove burners/oven for the last few minutes of cooking to conserve.

Water: I'm going to find cheap egg timers for our bathroom & the boys' to time showers. 6 minutes a shower is the goal. 

You know, we really don't use the car much...this week I'm going to RSS bike sales on Craigslist. I gave Boy 1 my bike, so I need my own, but it has to be cheap. Then I could do grocery trips on my bike. 

Food: I'm going to look further into composting. What I've found so far is a little overwhelming, but I'd like to get it started for next year's garden.

Cleaning products: Roll-over. Fiddle with the all-purpose cleaner to make it less gritty. I also want to look into making my own floor cleaner.

Reusing: We have a lot of plastic grocery bags. I'm going to research what I can do with them. I'm also going to take the plastic produce bags I'm saving to the store with me this week.

Recycling/Waste: I'm going to research cloth diapering. Girl 2 generates a lot of trash in that department. I have serious reservations about the cloth diapering thing, but unless I research, I'm not giving it a fair shot.  

It's a little research-heavy this week, but I'm trying to pace myself. I don't want to burn out and crap out. 

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