Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I haven't been doing as well this week, which makes it harder to get motivated to post. I decided to stop drinking pop, so I didn't buy myself any at the grocery store yesterday. I promptly fell off the wagon and began drinking my husband's Mountain Dew. I need to find an alternative that's low calorie, low packaging, cold, and delicious. Or learn some restraint.

Today's garbage...awful. The can is full to the top. I don't know why. It's discouraging to regress, especially after last week was so good.

And it's HOT today. It's in the 90's, and it's still. There's no breeze. We walked home from school today, and I was roasting. Caved in and turned the a/c down. I'll bump it back up tonight...but still, it's like cheating on a diet.

I haven't worked on many of the goals, I seem to have stalled out. Still, I've had a couple of people come up and compliment me on my efforts here...and that's really encouraging. It feels good to be read and heard. So I have to get back on the wagon.

To end on a positive note, here's a really bizarre, unbelievable article that I really hope is true:Gulf Oil Plume Gone, Eaten By Newly Discovered Microbes

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