Monday, August 23, 2010

Point of No Return

We're out of paper towels.

I knew this was coming, we've been low for a while. I've watched the rolls diminish and I've resisted replenishing. We're going paperless.

I week or so ago I bought a pack of 18 cotton washcloths for $4 or so. They're brightly colored and about 12" x 12". I forgot to take a picture and we've been using them, so they aren't photogenic anymore. They're terrycloth squares. You get the idea. We're using these for surface cleaning, kitchen messes, etc. No more paper towels for spills. I actually feel a little anxious about this. I don't know why. We're kind of paper towel people. I don't even own cloth napkins. That's something else to rectify soon, especially now that we're out of paper towels, and I'm committing to buy no more.

I've never cleaned a mirror with anything other than paper towels. I'm kind of sheltered. :)

I'm also out of pop. Coke. Pepsi. Soda. Caffeinated carbonated fizzylicious goodness. The man still has his cache of Mountain Dew, which I am resolutely staying out of. Well... more like "lip-biting finger-crossing hopefully staying out of". But I'm going to try. I'm giving up pop.

I have been drinking around 2-3 cans of pop every day for years. I've quit before, and I'm not sure how well I'm going to do this time, but it's time. First, it pollutes me. It's crazy unhealthy to put soft drinks in your body. Even though I love them. Love love love...


Even though we recycle the cans and the boxes they come in, it's still using up a lot of energy (and TONS of water) to make the pop, package the pop, ship the pop, recycle the packaging...etc. All for something that's bad for me, and I really don't need. (Once I'm over the withdrawal.) So I'm quitting. I am. Okay.

I also realized that there's no reason to wait for my own bike, I can borrow back the one I gave to Boy 1 to do some errands. I hooked up the little baby trailer to the bike, put the girls in it, and rode to pick up diapers (insert cringe of guilt here...still stewing on the diaper issue). The girls are HEAVY. Good grief. I made it to the store and back, but I didn't realize just how out of shape I am, nor how hard it would be to haul them in the trailer. Felt like I was pulling them through molasses, and I'm all tired now. So I definitely need to get away from this monitor and out moving more often.

Reading over this post, I'm feeling like an unhealthy blob. Ugh. I suppose it's good I'm doing something about it.

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